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The Veterans Artisan Distillers Guild is a non-profit trade association responsible for promoting and protecting the long-term growth and health of veteran craft-spirits segment of the beverage alcohol industry.


Through our collective efforts the Veteran Distillers will:

1) Protect and promote the art and craft of     small-batch and artisanal distilled spirits making.

2) Enhance consumer awareness of Veteran craft-made spirits.

3) Guide legislation that promotes the long-term health and growth of Veteran made craft- spirits.

4) Preserve and enhance our industry for future generations of veterans entering this trade.

5) Engage and support our members through the work of an effective organization.

Veteran Artisan Distillers Guild

Membership levels

There are four classes of members: Distiller, Allied-Retail, Affiliate, and Enthusiast. Members may be an individual veteran or a majority veteran-owned partnership, limited liability company or corporation, or any other person or organization, but in each case only if approved by the Board of Directors, and who or which pays the membership dues as may be established from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Distiller Member

A distilling organization that distills at a facility in which a veteran owns a majority interest may be admitted as a Distiller Member. The distilling organization must have a valid TTB license to be a Distiller Member.

Affiliate Member

A provider of services or the seller of goods or suppliers to the distilling industry (commercial or home distilling) or an allied industry or endeavor including distillery associations and brew clubs may be admitted as an Affiliate Member.


Allied-Retail Member

A retail licensee who sells Veteran Distilled Spirits and is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors may be admitted as an Allied-Retail Member.

Enthusiast Members

A veteran who is a spirits enthusiast may be admitted as an Enthusiast Member.


Veteran Artisan Distiller Guild Board Members


Veteran Artisan Distillers Guild

Leadership Team

  • Rob Schaefer
    Rob Schaefer Secretary / Tresurer

    American Freedom Distillery

  • Travis Barnes
    Travis Barnes Vice President

    Hotel Tango Distillery

  • Scott Neil
    Scott Neil President

    American Freedom Distillery

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